Santa Cruz Mountains

One Day Field Trips

Join us for a 1-day field trip in nature!

  5 hours (typically 9-2)
  Redwood Camp
  5th & 6th Grades
Join us for a 1-day field trip in nature! Choose from our stellar repitoire of classes and/or adventure activities to make for a memorable and educational day! Field trips are 5 hours long (typically 9–2) and are offered most days of the week. Students will need to provide their own lunch.
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Our Values

Character Devlopment


Science Literacy

Wonder of Nature


5 hour day with 2 classes (listed below) $40 per student
Add Outdoor Climbing Wall +$10 per student
Add Roped Tree Climbing +$20 per student

Choose Two Classes:


Students will learn about energy levels, food webs, animal behavior and specializations. Class activities include bird observation, interactive modeling of how animal populations fluctuate and the study of snakes.

Eggs & Engineerings

Using only the supplies they have been given, students will be tasked to come up with a creative and hands on solution to protect their egg from a fall.


Students will learn about the basics of flight then work individually to build their own paper rocket. Students can see how their design performs as each rocket is launched high into the sky!

Watershed Stewardship

Students begin by learning about the basics of a watershed, then hike through a portion of our watershed, finishing at Bean or Zayante Creek. At the creek, students explore concepts and make specific assessments to determine the health of the creek.


Students are introduced to Earth systems and local ecosystems. They will learn to identify biotic and abiotic components as well as several native plants while growing in their understanding of the carbon cycle.

Or Choose One Class (from above) and One Adventure Activity:

Outdoor Climbing Wall

$10 extra/student

Students have the opportunity to reach for the top as they climb on the outdoor wall.

Roped Tree Climbing

$20 extra/student

Students ascend into trees using a simple system of ropes and knots.








Before Getting to Camp

  • What to Bring

    Please mark all items, including luggage, with camper's first and last name

    • Sack lunch
    • Wear long pants, closed toe shoes, and bring a jacket or sweatshirt— you will be outdoors all day!
    • Backpack
    • Rain Gear (Rain Jackets, Ponchos, Rain Pants, Boots)if rain is forecasted
    • 2 Pencils
    • Water Bottle (1 quart/liter)


    • Disposable or Digital Camera
    • Lip Balm
    • Watch
    • Money for gift store (cash preferred)


    • Knives, Firearms or Other Weapons (including pocket knives)
    • Cell Phone
    • Any money besides money for gift store
    • Electronic games
    • Drugs, Alcohol or Tobacco Products


All Outdoor Science programs take place at Mount Hermon's Redwood Camp facility located 7 miles outside the city of Santa Cruz, in the Santa Cruz Mountains, along California's Central Coast.

Redwood Camp
6496 East Zayante Road
Felton CA 95018
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