Habitat Restoration

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Sandhills Restoration

Students who attend Mount Hermon Outdoor Science School will have the opportunity to participate in our habitat restoration project.  The Ponderosa Environmental Restoration Corp (P.E.R.C.) works to restore the unique Sandhills ecosystem by pulling the invasive French and Portuguese Broom species.  We are currently pulling 15 acres of broom in the infested areas of our Sand Hills habitat.

Area just after being cleared of invasive species.  This space was cleared by volunteers from the American Conservation Experience.

The fragile Sand Hills ecosystem contains several endangered species including The Mount Hermon June Beetle (pictured on the left).

Mount Hermon Outdoor Science School was awarded a $10,000 grant through a partnership with USFWS and the Restoration Conservation District of Santa Cruz. We are excited about how our partnership with these two groups will help restore our Sandhills habitat.  This grant allowed for the construction of an informational kiosk as well as a split rail fence to protect some of the most sensitive areas.