We're excited you're visiting Mount Hermon!

Read about our Health Practices here.

We're excited you're visiting Mount Hermon!

Read about our Health Practices here.

Santa Cruz Mountains

Experiential Math Camp

A unique experience with math in the outdoors

We know that math is difficult for many students and that teaching for many different learning styles is a challenge. Mount Hermon's Math Camp teaches foundational math principles in a dynamic hand-on environment. Your students will see how to use math in real life!
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  4 or 5 Days
  Ponderosa Lodge
  5th & 6th Grades

Math. Experienced.

Experiential Math Camp Classroom, known as E=MC², is a unique camp designed to embody the Standards for Mathematical Practices by providing experiences with math outdoors that emphasizes problem solving, thinking, and reasoning.

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Meals, Lodging, Program, & Recreation


    Climbing Wall


    Ponderosa Pool


    Sports Courts




    Field Games


We prioritize quality teaching and enough free time for fun.

Monday Schedule

When What
10:30 AM Arrival
11:00 AM Orientation & Move into Cabins
12:25 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Class
3:45 PM Recreation Time
5:30 PM Dinner
6:45 PM Campfire
8:45 PM Prepare for Bed
9:45 PM Lights Out

Tuesday Schedule

When What
8:00 AM Breakfast
9:10 AM Class
12:00 PM Lunch
1:10 PM Class
3:45 PM Recreation Time
5:30 PM Dinner
6:45 PM Night Hike
8:45 PM Prepare for Bed
9:45 PM Lights Out

Wednesday Schedule

When What
8:00 AM Breakfast
9:10 AM Class
12:00 PM Lunch (Posters Due!)
1:10 PM Elective Classes
3:45 PM Recreation Time
5:30 PM Dinner
6:45 PM All camp Game
8:45 PM Prepare for Bed
9:45 PM Lights Out

Thursday Schedule

When What
8:00 AM Breakfast
9:10 AM Make Sack Lunch & Begin Adventure Hike
12:00 PM Sack Lunch on the Trail
1:10 PM Afternoon Class on the Trail
3:45 PM Recreation Time
5:30 PM Dinner
6:45 PM Skit Night
8:45 PM Prepare for Bed
9:45 PM Lights Out

Friday Schedule

When What
8:00 AM Breakfast
9:10 AM Final Review Class
10:30 AM Final Closure Meeting
11:00 AM Goodbye!

What sets math camp apart?

  • Concrete Experiences

    Offered as a one or two night program, we aim to provide concrete experiences with math outdoors and provide the students with memorable, foundational experiences that build their confidence and understanding of math concepts and help you meet your math standards.

  • Outdoor Setting

    Math camp takes place at mount hermon’s ponderosa lodge. Teachers place 7 or 8 students in a cabin with a chaperone. During recreation time the students can choose activities such as swimming, game room, and the sport court. Meals take place in the dining hall. The student will have four or five two-hour classes depending on your length of stay. We make trail groups with your cabins that will go through each morning and afternoon class together.

  • Learn Patterns in Nature

    Class takes the students to the building blocks of math in nature. The students learn to recognize patterns from simple to complex, determine the rule that governs that pattern and apply it. They will discover the Fibonacci pattern in nature and transform the pattern into a paper spiral through measurement. Finally student will use the foundation of patterns to use and apply measurement, proportions, averages, and ratios to concrete activities.

  • Engage in Intuitive Math

    Class is designed to build confidence and involves the students playing a basketball game called “bump” where the student’s brains are calculating the equation of angle, force and distance without even thinking much about the math. As a team the student will problem solve another distance and angle problem intuitively and together shout “I can do math!”

  • Problem Solve

    Class focuses on approaching problems and inventing/brainstorming ways to exploit the nature of patterns to solve a problem like finding the height of a Ponderosa Pine Tree. We will then use an integrative teambuilding tool called the “whale watch” to explore balance and the equal sign. Explore the balance of a system and how a changing variable affects others around it. Each person added to the platform is a new variable. What you do to one side must be done to the other to maintain equality. Lastly, using projectiles we will adjust a variable of increasing or decreasing angle and see how changes affect the results. They will represent their data on a graph and write an algebraic expression.

  • Take It Home

    The students will take home with them teamwork and math confidence, foundational experiences with math in context, problem solving, and application and use of basic math skills. Students will come away from E=MC² having learned how to analyze patterns and relationships, Geometric angles, measurement in customary units, addition, multiplication, division, mental math, averages, ratio, proportions, variables, expressions, equations (basic algebra readiness), problem solving and logical thinking.




    Dining Hall


    Game Room


    Cabin Interior


    Cabin Exterior


Before Getting to Camp

  • Packing List

    Please mark all items, including luggage, with camper's first and last name

    • Sleeping Bag & Pillow
    • 2 Pairs Long Pants
    • Extra Socks
    • 2 Towels
    • Backpack
    • Rain Gear (Rain Jackets, Ponchos, Rain Pants, Boots)
    • 2–3 Pairs of Closed-Toe Shoes
    • Toiletries (including sunscreen)
    • 2 Pencils
    • Pajamas
    • Warm Jacket & Sweatshirt
    • Laundry Bag (trash bag works)
    • Water Bottle (1 quart/liter)
    • Outdoor Clothing
    • Flashlight


    • Disposable or Digital Camera
    • Lip Balm
    • Watch/Alarm Clock
    • Writing Materials for Letters and Stamps
    • Bathing Suit
    • Money for gift store (cash preferred)


    • Extra Food or Beverages (except for medical reasons)
    • Knives, Firearms or Other Weapons (including pocket knives)
    • Cell Phone
    • Any money besides money for gift store
    • Electronic games
    • Drugs, Alcohol or Tobacco Products


All Outdoor Science programs take place at Mount Hermon's Ponderosa Lodge facility located 7 miles outside the city of Santa Cruz, in the Santa Cruz Mountains, along California's Central Coast.

Ponderosa Lodge
4600 Graham Hill Rd
Felton CA 95018
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