Science Standards

Outdoor experiential education adventures for all ages

Meeting the Science Standards!

The Mount Hermon Outdoor Science School utilizes the vehicle of experiential education to model our objectives and communicate science literacy to all students. We aim that every student goes home with a greater appreciation of our objectives: respect for others, stewardship actions, self confidence and teamwork, and wonder of nature.

Our curriculum is designed to meet many of the State of California Science Standards for grades 5–8. We have produced an excellent workbook that is given to every student and each teacher who participates in our program. The science standards that our program aims to meet are as follows:

5th Grade

Physical Sciences
  1. g, h
Life Sciences
  2. a, e, f, g
Earth Sciences
  3. c, d, e
  4. a, b
  5. b, c
Investigation and Experimentation
  6. a, f, g

6th Grade

Plate techtonics and earth's structure
  1. a, b, g
Shaping Earth's Surface
  2. a, b, d
  3. c
Energy in the Earth System
  4. a, d
  5. a, b, c, d, e
Investigation and Experimentation
  7. b, d, f

7th Grade

Cell Biology
  1. c
  2. b, c, d, e
Evolution in terms of Adaptation and Specialization
  3. a, e
Earth and Life History
  4. c
Structure and Function in Living Systems
  5. a, f, g
Physical Principals in Living Systems
  6. a, b, c, e, f
Investigation and Experimentation
  7. a, d

8th Grade

  1. b, d, f
  2. g
Earth in the Solar System
  4. a, c, d, e
  5. e
Chemistry of Living Systems
  6. a, b, c
Density and Buoyancy
  8. c, d
Investigation and Experimentation
  9. a, e