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Meet the Mount Hermon Outdoor Science School Team

At Mount Hermon Outdoor Science School we aim to study the natural world to help our students increase their awareness and understanding of our physical environment, while encouraging them to develop critical thinking skills.

Our staff will encourage students to take an active role as both wise consumers and caretakers of our natural resources. It is our goal to prepare students to cope intelligently with many of the environmental issues facing our world today.

Students will experience high quality teaching personnel, educational methods, and standards that meet or exceed the California Department of Education Science Framework requirements.


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Suzy Clark
phone: 831.430.1234

Outdoor Science School Director Suzy Clark grew up in Salem, OR, graduating from Oregon State University. Her favorite travel spot is Tanzania, East Africa. She has taught middle-school science and has been a math and science textbook writer and editor. She was a Mount Hermon naturalist in 1996. "This is the best job that I have ever had. I love the outdoors, science and people. It is exciting to be guiding a dynamic, impactful, academic, and creative program."

Team Photo

Team Photo
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    Jared Allard

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    Austin Fought
    Assistant Director

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    Ellen Messerly

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    Peter Mitchel
    Health Aid

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    Genee Morrison

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    Zane Morrison

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    Molly Murphy

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    Aaron Olson

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    Kate Regan

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    Katelynn Reynolds

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    Kelly Rush

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    Erin Smith

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    Isaac Smith

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    Abby Travis